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Does anyone know what this chrome plated lightweight with tubs could be?

Everything looks pretty standard apart from the seat stay too tube junction and a 27.2 seatpost

And any ideas on its value?


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Hi John I'm having great difficulty working out what my bikes worth,Its a Raleigh Moderne, Reynolds 653, Santè parts all over, Which I can't find anywhere, Guessing its mid 80s. PLS HELP?
That's yours on the bay is it? Might be a little on the high side price-wise. Maybe putting off bidders. I'd suggest a fair bit lower start and see what happens - perhaps £350 or so?


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Hey all, sorry for my first post to be in this forum, I will introduce myself in the other thread.

I inherited these from a family member who died a few years ago - he was a bit shorter than me, so I had hoped to make some use of these, but I both don't have the time, or money to restore them - and crucially they are a little too small.

I need the space back really, so have decided to part with them to a better home, hopefully to an enthusiast who will give them a new lease of life.

Hoping someone can give me a rough estimate on what these kinds of frames sell for?
I'm fairly confident the frames are genuine, as he lived near the area where Geofff Roberts operated from back in the 80's/90's.

Can get more info around condition, materials sizes etc if needed. Took these photos before stashing them up in the loft, so will be getting them down to inspect properly soon.

I also have several sets of wheels and a few other bits to go with the non complete bikes.

thanks in advance!


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