The Pastel Plonker - Cannondale 1993 BoTE


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This one's a bit of fun really. Cheap-ish frame that was purple with tiny red flecks with knackered paint. Going to be a single freewheel - I'll find the magic ratio hopefully so no chain tensioner. It's flat here in Cambridge.

Etch primed then Montana rattle can acrylic in white, pastel lavender and pastel shrimp(!). With a shock pink accent. Forks painted similarly with pink and lime green splatters with a brush. (Note the masked-off area where the Pepperoni decal should be going).
Some ally bars have been painted white - they might get a splatter treatment too. Maybe the pink ODI grips will be enough...

Decals are arriving next week (and I'm on the lookout for any random stickers in a wanted thread) then on with some 2K clear.

Will update with more pics of parts and wheels - all in the shed so once the paint's done it'll be a quick build. It's gonna be a bit lairy! I must also get the M900 cranks off to be powdercoated (white). Don't worry, they're a bit of a mess - the powdercoat will help their aesthetics.


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So a bit more pink has gone on the forks, along with the Pepperoni decals (H Lloyd did them - very helpful).
The pink doesn't come out so great on the photos/ on my screen - it's proper bright!

MIPA 2K lacquer in a rattle can went on sooo nicely, even outdoors. Lovely stuff. I might even clear the frame as it's so easy to use, rather than give it to a local car sprayer to clearcoat.

Awaiting some decals from abroad then on with 'em.




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Painted bars on with Odi grips. Ti steerer bolt and clamp bolts. Leather Gilles Berthoud bar ends are different and nicely made.

The Real Design levers were listed as 'calipers and brake levers' on Ebay earlier this year (when I was on the lookout for used calipers of any sort). £20! Asked the fella to not bother posting the cruddy calipers!




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Looking forward to the end result of this. Something very different.


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Thanks DrGooGoo, this one will have to wait until spring to be finished when the weather's warm enough to spray the lacquer on the frame. Then it'll be back together quick-smart!