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Dirt Disciple
Re: Single speed

Not retro but hopefully one day soon I'll make the foray into that territory.

Until then, Here is my Charge Plug 5 eBay/shed build with only 1 gear.

The Profile BMX cranks are my pride and joy and have a Ti spindle (I have to tell you because or else you wouldn't know...)

Also a doodle for good measure...


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Dirt Disciple
I love it! Running 32c's and 66 G.I at the mo' so it can be a bit like making butter up the hills and riding a bucking bronco down them. But it leaves me giggling like a little child after spinning round the local bridleways/singletrack.


Dirt Disciple
^ The way you've got your cotter pins, it's not incorrect but it's going to keep catching your flared jeans that way up.
The cotters have been replaced 3 times. Too many 100 km road rides. This bike with the fixed gearing wasn’t meant to go up and down steep grades. I think it’s now retired to bike path rides. It’s fast. I’m waiting for the chainring to fold. The three arms on the crank need occasional tweaking.


Dirt Disciple
I finished this bike yesterday. It’s American made and fixed gear. The original rims were bad and the hub races were badly rust pitted. I built a new fixed gear, skip tooth wheel set. The bars had a few rust holes on one side so that side is wrapped in 3 layers of carbon fiber. No one on bike blogs can identify the make, hundreds of American bike companies went out of business in about 1900 in the great bike bust. Only a handful were left. It’s very smooth and fun to ride.image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg