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Dirt Disciple
Re: Single speed

Not retro but hopefully one day soon I'll make the foray into that territory.

Until then, Here is my Charge Plug 5 eBay/shed build with only 1 gear.

The Profile BMX cranks are my pride and joy and have a Ti spindle (I have to tell you because or else you wouldn't know...)

Also a doodle for good measure...


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Dirt Disciple
I love it! Running 32c's and 66 G.I at the mo' so it can be a bit like making butter up the hills and riding a bucking bronco down them. But it leaves me giggling like a little child after spinning round the local bridleways/singletrack.


Dirt Disciple
Gloria frame set I rebuilt. I had a frame builder remove dents, new fork tube, new head tube, new track fork ends and a track alignment.63BA18BB-9623-4E92-A5C2-E2EB4C97C7BE.jpeg217ED04C-4197-4753-A5DF-758C35EEA0AD.jpegF36B792D-8BA3-4412-979F-D83DFF044A3D.jpegA0AF8353-BF71-4829-955E-9122B302964A.jpeg3C7F26D0-21D9-4520-86AD-EB293F12C42E.jpeg


Dirt Disciple
^ The way you've got your cotter pins, it's not incorrect but it's going to keep catching your flared jeans that way up.
The cotters have been replaced 3 times. Too many 100 km road rides. This bike with the fixed gearing wasn’t meant to go up and down steep grades. I think it’s now retired to bike path rides. It’s fast. I’m waiting for the chainring to fold. The three arms on the crank need occasional tweaking.