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Retro Newbie
Hi. I'm yet another Dave.

Like many members here I've been a long time lurker for years and finally got around to post.
Found this site luckily by chance but strangely and independently on the same weekend as one of my best buddies from school days who i used to go biking with back in the day on his Ridgeback 602.

Bike history: well, pretty monogamous and only 3 to date....
'97 Orange P7 bought from Fred Williams (I think) in Wolverhampton with my Boots' bonus that year. We've been together longer than me and the missus. Completely original (apart from all the STX-RC bits which were replaced with XTR 95X brakes, levers, hubs, F&R derailleurs, Octalink chainset, Dura-Ace bottom bracket, Orange strange fruit grips when the original hexagonal foam ones disintegrated and Pace RC36 forks). Which reminds me, I really need to get in touch with Tim.
Still got all the original parts/ F7's and rear Velociraptor tyre - the front blew out a few years ago at Llandegla:mad:


Prior to that bought a 1988 Muddy Fox Courier from Quinns on Edge Lane for £310 with paper round money in that gorgeous pearlescent lilac/white fade - even bought the MF wheel disc, bloody hell that rumbled! - stolen on Allerton Road.
Then a 1992 Lavadome in that beautiful purple from Mike Cookson Cycles in Whitefield with the insurance money.
God I loved that bike.
Stolen from outside Aston Uni. RIP F1051070 (3)
That left me with a 28 year old itch which I've only just scratched because I always longed for an Explosif back in the day but never had the funds. A TET Hot would be amazing but I'm a realist!
I love my Orange but always longed for another Kona. I've read a mountain of Kona posts over the years by Pip, Anthony, Al-Onestar, Romanrinos, Magas, ENC, MK-One, Splatter-Paint and many more so apologies if I've not mentioned you as there are too many names to mention. Your combined knowledge, experience, posts and photos have been inspirational. Goldmine.

Some of you may have noticed that an Explosif has just gone AWOL from Ebay....
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Glenn Wilson

Retro Newbie
Hello All

Im a complete novices at bike riding the last time i road a bike was a Chopper MK 2 i did running for 20 plus years only about 5 miles every week but all of a sudden my knees started to hurt went to the doctors and was told no more running get a bike i have brought a Raleigh Team Banana Falcon its in good condition and ready to ride can anyone tell me how much a real Team Banana bike would cost with the 753 frame and would it be possible to find one Im restoring a Chopper MK 2 what do you think of these bikes i had nor ridden one or seen one for 40 years and they are a lot smaller than i remember also they are terrible to ride



Jaleen Rabey

Retro Newbie
Hello everybody. I'm a lost soul from Brazil who insists in burning all my money in bikes. I allready have some retro bikes that I'll post in the right sessions among the time. =)

Obrigado, and best regards


Retro Newbie
Hi everyone,
Matthieu, french cyclist. I started with MTB but now I mostly ride my road bike.
Proud owner of :
- a 2003 26" Cube Elite SC made in USA (yeah I know... not good in this section of the forum...)
- a 1997 Sunn Vertik 2 with modern parts for my wife
- a 1996 Sunn BMiX frame... with a modern build too. Because it was so hard to find the right fork...
- a 1996 Sunn Kidder 24 for my daughter
- a 1993 Specialized Stumpjumper M2 which I try to rebuild "period correct"
...and I'm actually buying a 1992 steel Specialized Stumpjumper FS. Hope to get it soon...

And 2 carbon road bikes, one "old" GT Peace 9r ... and a 29" MTB frame with parts to be mounted on...


Dirt Disciple
Hi all, yet ANOTHER Dave here....

I bought a 1989 Claud Butler Pagan, in Reynolds 500, brand new in 1990 and I still own it. Its had a fairly easy life spending many years relegated to the shed by a long line of "better" more modern main bikes.

I plan to restore it and have started a thread here:

Thread '1989 Claud Butler Pagan. Gravelly Rebuild?'


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