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Retro Newbie
Hi, just joined! Long time cyclist/mtber here. I still have my 2002 Giant AC-1 which I bought new and heavily modified. Gonna have a good look around and have a read, thanks for having me 👍
Hello, i stumbled upon this website about 2 months ago when i was researching about an old nishiki bike i bought back then. It had shimano STX components which i dont recognize and this forum had lots of info on them. Here is a picture of said bike. I bought it to use as a winter commuter here in Montreal as i decided to finally ride to work all year and not skip winter anymore.IMG_20210219_231206.jpg I have a 2021 Trek FX carbon sport but i have more fun riding the nishiki specially when i go fishing IMG_20210403_141131.jpg


Retro Newbie
I have just joined the forum and want to say Hi, and rightaway I'd like to show you my latest project I have finished few days ago - restoration of 1998 Author Mystic MTB. See the photos attached.


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Orange 🍊 Fan
Hi all.

Not a newbie to the site, but I've re-invigorated my retro interest after realising I needed to give two of my bikes some TLC. I'm a proper Orange fanboy, and have a 2021 P7 which I recently bought new as a 40th birthday present. It sits alongside my 1999 P7 singlespeed which I bought new back then, and my wife's Clockwork of similar vintage which was a Gumtree find a good while ago.

The old P7 is looking tatty (frame) and will go back to Orange for a respray. I've also started looking for parts to complete the Brit build I started with it some ten years ago when I found this site. It'll be retro/resto mod with semi period kit. Just picked up some lovely Hope Pro3 wheels, and its running RC31's, Middleburns, USE, Xlite and Pace stem - all the brit kit I couldn't afford when I was a kid. XT V's as I don't want discs - but might change for XTR as they'll look better on the soon to be white frame.

The Clockwork frame is minty (literally as its Slime Green) but the kit was all low end. I've been gradually raiding the parts bin to give it a full STXRC group, some XT/517 wheels, XT V's and a new fork. The RST one it came with is heavy and wasn't working well. I took it apart and cleaned/regreased it - elastomers in decent nick - but the reason it doesn't work well is that even out of the box it would have been rubbish. So I'm after ideally an RC36 or a Judy for it.

Anyway; good to be back on here and look forward to contributing. Hope to have both bikes in a BOTM at some point this year. they won't win any prizes, but everyone needs something to aim for.

The Judge

Retro Newbie
Hello from Belgium, I ride some old Cannondale since 1998. The Judge, The Prophet, F800sl and Sm 2000 / 1990, last one I’ restoring. The sm2000 is not in a good shape, but it will be rebuild as original. Thanks M


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