The "Masked Avenger" rides again. Coppi "GILCO" frameset


Dirt Disciple
I have been away from the site for a bit due to hospital work. Things are improving on that front, but we are not out the woods yet.

Been out riding with a friend so I was inclined to ride my Raleigh Sports while he rides modified Schwinn I built for him. Helps keep me in check riding a 50 pound bike over his 28 pounder.

Masked up for casual riding that entails stopping for yard sales.

I am awaiting delivery of a Fausto Coppi "GILCO" frameset. Does anyone have any knowledge regarding these bikes; actual builder, year(s) of manufacture, etc.? Painted over without decals; apparently fairly rare as I have only found a couple examples in my searches. I assume it is from mid-late 80s. I have found no references regarding this frame. Essentially similar to the Colnago Master before straight forks were being used. I have never ridden a "GILCO" frame of any nature; as close as I can compare would be a Colnago Nuovo Mexico with the "PROFIL" top and down tube construction. No longer have that bike so I will have no reference to compare it to with regards to the ride feel and handling.


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Dirt Disciple
I have received the frameset still under wrap (photos to follow in the near future). I bought it sight unseen from an friend I have dealt with in the past so I could trust his integrity; plus the price and size were right.
I now realize he incorrectly told me that it was a "GILCO" frame, but upon inspection it is actually made of Columbus ESA tubing (or "ESACOLNAGO" tubing used on the REGAL AND ESAMEXICO frames) with the 6 "ribs". I am actually more pleased with that style frame because there were not too many made by Colnago in that style, and I have only seen a couple other marques using the same tubing, Coppi being one of them, but still fairly rare to see one (I've only seen 3). I have no idea what components I will fit at this time. It is a repaint in white (fully chromed fork), and appears to have been done professionally or at least done very well by whomever. I will keep it white for now and color the ribs to highlight the tubing style. I am trying to price what a copper electroplate would set me back for the entire frameset since the fork unfortunately has been improperly cleaned causing chrome loss and scratches; the crown is near perfect though. I do not plan on applying decals due to the way they appear on the uneven surface, and the only similar Coppi frame I saw with original (I assume) decals did not appeal to my tastes; I would prefer an older set, but still face the same issue with application to that tubing. I will put on a headbadge, but again, probably of an older variety; maybe the Fausto Coppi image style similar to Moser and Saronni headbadges.