The Communal Drink and Good Times Thread


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Did you take the sheet of A4 as well so you could some bike part sketches on the back of it?
I did actually but not for sketching....I stuck it on my tee shirt....never know might get lucky 😀

Chances are Mickey saw the things by the roadside with a price tag, replaced the paper, and.... helped himself.
I'm not that deceitful....let alone that cunning!
Just as I was on my fourth handful a lady with ET in a basket stopped.....she'd brought a Tupperware box 😆


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Well I left the marsh today....and survived! Got a bit dizzy up that high tho 🙄
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Lovely mate. Sure looks like it'd have broken the altimeter once you reached the peak.

Coming from the flatlands of Denmark, any bump in the road usually results in me needing a lie down.

When I need to get real dizzy and I don't fancy a drink I go to these burial mounds east of me


They date back to the bronze age. Picture was from May, its a fair bit drier there now.