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@Mickeyspinn started this rolling with his thread about going car free.

Coincidentally, just a few days later I also went car free.

So I thought maybe a thread for those who have gone car free was in order. A chance to document our adventures, to swap ideas and tips, and to give advice and encouragement to those thinking of doing the same.

Of course, it's sods law that I don't have anywhere to to today, but tomorrow I got to go to the opticians in MK so that'll be a good utility ride to prattle on about.


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I wish I could drive. Then I would go by car every where. Public transport is rubbish. So I cycle or either don't go or go by rubbish trains. Before being sold off it was better going by train. Don't start me on the buses, utter nightmare. When I had a car driver in my life. How good and easy life was. When I've had to take my Trimble frame on the train. Every time the nutter would start to talk to me about it. Why do people think I want to talk to them?? I don't, I have a strong dislike of people in general.

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Had my opticians appointment in MK this morning. A nice easy 30 mile round trip.

Didn't want to sit there dripping sweat unnecessarily so took the ebike and went steady on the way in.

Went round the lanes as far as Newport Pagnell, before getting on the Redway for the final portion of the trip across town. Crossing the M1 could see the northbound traffic rammed in and stationary as far as I could see in either direction - another reason to be pleased at not having a car.

Sods law, was 2 miles from home when the heavens opened. Did consider stopping and pulling on my waterproof jacket, but was close enough to home that I decided to just grin and bear it, particularly as I would be chqnging anyway.

So first utlility ride went very well.

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Rode across to the chemist shop 2 villages along to collect Mrs Choppers prescription. Nice day, so took a wide loop back and stopped at the cafe in the forest for a coffee and flapjack.