Technology thread. Garmin's, iPhones and other gps devices.

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I use a Wahoo Element Bolt on my "modern" carbon fiber bike, integrates nicely with my power meter and HR strap. The Wahoo has a live track feature that you can use to send people a live feed of your whereabouts on a map along with other data if you want. I always ride with a GPS, I know where I'm going, but sometimes I just ride out to some random place and have no idea how to get back so mapping a point back to my house is great to have.

I looked at the Hammerhead, Garmin and Bryton, but the Wahoo had the best features for me at least.


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So, half-dead thread resurrection time.... Has anyone had any luck integrating a non-garmin gps with the garmin connect website? I've been using a fenix 5 for running, some swimming and what little cycling I'e actually done over the last few years (I keep trying to get back on the bike, but then get sucked into another marathon and I don't have time for both 🤦‍♂️ ). This year I would like to get back on the bike though, and much prefer a proper bike gps to using the watch, even with it mounted on the bars. I do like the garmin connect page and app though. Everything I've read seems to indicate that I'm limited to garmin units if I want to use the connect app, but maybe that's not the case?