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A few items up for sale as follows, all prices include UK postage;

11. Syncros 1”1/4 stem, 140mm, with hanger (and cable ferrule, not pictured) = £60
22. Sun CR17A 32h silver rim (single) = £postage only as the valve hole appears to have been drilled out
23. Mavic SUP 32h Prototype ceramic, black rim, possible ex. Rob Warner (I think that’s who I got it from, as a spare at a race) - note dual valve holes! = £25
25. Zoom 150 blue anodised bars cut to 490mm £12
27. Ergotec2 seatpost 26.2dia some marks but basically new £15
40. Zoom 130 silver handlebar, uncut 560mm wide, with a bruise from something being over-tightened £25
41. Titec Enduro HF matt silver handlebar, uncut 580mm wide £25

Pics available via the link below;

- - - Sold items - - -

1. Ringle Zooka stem, turquoise, 1” (22.2mm) quill x 135mm pretty decent overall condition = £60 SOLD
2. Answer Hyperlite bar, turquoise, uncut 580mm, some fading and wear marks but again pretty decent overall condition = £75 SOLD
3. MachineTech brake levers, anodised blue, very few scuffs = £80 SOLD
4. M900 XTR cantilevers, including mounting bolts, mismatched brake blocks, logo gone from rear canti’s, bit of rust on some bolts, no straddle wires = £45 SOLD @ £40
5. M900 XTR rear mech, including original - but tired jockey wheels = £60 SOLD
6. M732 XT thumb shifters, bit of logo lift a slight scuffing probably from being turned upside down = £30 SOLD
7. M735 XT front mech, bottom pull, rusty cages but functional, no stamped frame diameter most likely 28.6mm? = £14.10 PUT TO USE!
8. M910 XTR rear mech with Tacx jockey wheels = £55 SOLD
9. M900 XTR cantilevers, including mounting bolts, straddle wires and original blocks - please note that all blocks have cracks, so not sure how much strength they will have if used in anger = £70 SOLD
10. Ritchey Logic cranks, 175mm complete with chainring bolts = £55 without the chainring SOLD
12. Ritchey Vector Wing saddle, pro-lite leather, cro-mo, nice condition = £25 SOLD (eBay)
13. Dia-Compe 986 Cantilevers complete with Dia-Compe pads, mounting bolts, straddle wire and hangers. Some wear to logos but otherwise very nice = £40 (eBay)
14. Profile Design ‘BOA’ Ahead stem, 1”1/8th high rise, short = £15 (eBay)
15. WTB SST.2K Comfort Zone saddle, fine condition = £35 SOLD (eBay)
16. Tioga DH Stem and Bars, 1”1/8th Ahead stem, 660mm uncut bars = £35 SOLD (eBay)
17. XTR FD-M950 31.8dia, top pull = £30 SOLD (eBay)
18. White Industries 1”1/8th Aheadset, silver, NOS in original packaging, opened only for inspection and photographing, gorgeous! = £130 SOLD
19. Dia-Compe PC8 brake levers, NOS, no packaging = £28 SOLD (eBay)
20. Mavic 217 32h bronze rims (pair) = £30 SOLD - collected
21. Mavic X517 32h silver rim (single) = £30 SOLD (Facebook)
24. XTR M900 Mini-Group = £340 for all (24a-b, e-h) or as individually priced;
24a. ST-M900 - good condition with only a few rubs (the T has mostly gone on the RH shifter pod), fully functional, no gaitors = £80 SOLD (Facebook)
24b. FC-M900 - ripe for re-polishing as logos have gone and lacquer is tired. 175mm with 46/36/26 rings = £60 SOLD (Facebook)
24c. CS-M900 - 12-32T good condition but with some strange drilled? holes in the rear, and one missing screw, none of which seems to affect functionality = £30 SOLD
24d. UN-91 - 107mm good condition as expected of an XTR bottom bracket. Bolts are similar but not a 100% match = £30 SOLD
24e. BR-M900 - front and rear set with mounting bolts. XTR logos no longer present. Red Kool-Stop pads still with live left. Non-XTR straddle wires also included = £75 SOLD (Facebook)
24f. RD-M900 - good condition with very few scratches, original jockeys = £75 SOLD (Facebook)
24g. FD-M900 - 28.6 bottom pull. Basically new, though has been mounted. If this had a box it could be in it = £50 SOLD (Facebook)
24h. CN-HG53 - not an XTR specific chain but freshly out of its packaging with very little use, 104 links = £15 SOLD (Facebook)
26. Turbo saddle, 1990 worn but not torn £20 SOLD (Facebook)
28. Mavic 230 TIB 36h rim on Exage front hub, rim has storage marks only but is unused £30 SOLD (eBay)
29. Thomson Elite seatpost, 30.9 x 410 VGC, complete with bag, instructions and 2x stickers £50 SOLD (eBay)
30. XTR FD-M901 front mech, 31.8 top pull, pretty decent condition £30 SOLD
31. XT FD-M738 front mech, 31.8 top pull, pretty decent condition but missing the seat tube clamp bolt! £20 SOLD (Facebook)
32. XTR/XT UN-90 bottom bracket, 68 x 107, very good condition £45 SOLD
33. Titec titanium bottom bracket, 111mm x 68mm, 156gr, VGC £60 SOLD
34. Marin Lite 120TPI folding tyres, folding, supple, no cracks, pair VGC £50 SOLD (eBay)
35. XTR M900 32H hubs with skewers, on Ritchey Vantage Pro rims, double butted spokes, 3dv ano nipples, loads of life in rims and almost true (just need to check) £200 SOLD
36. XTR FC-M900 chainset, logos intact, some scratches to the lacquer, rings hardly used £120 SOLD
37. XTR CS-M900 cassette 12-32t, complete and VGC £65 SOLD
38. XTR ST-M900 STIs complete with gaitors and the little rubber plugs! Soft click on the LH lever so may need a flush, otherwise VGC £120 SOLD
39. M560 LX 32H black hubs (7spd) on Specialized Z-21 rims. Straight gauge Wheelsmith spokes to front, Double Butted Sapim spokes to rear £55 SOLD (eBay)
42. XT ST-M738 brifters, 8spd and 3spd £45 SOLD (eBay)
43. Deore XT FD-M735 28.6 bottom pull front mech £25 SOLD (eBay)
44. STX RC RD-MC38 8spd rear mech £21 SOLD
46. Control Tech 1”1/4 quill stem, 120mm reach £37.50 SOLD (eBay)
45. Shimano Alivio 32H hubset with skewers, front needs a service £17.50 SOLD (eBay)
47. Deore XT RD-M750 long cage Mega 9 9spd rear mech £25 SOLD (eBay)
48. Deore XT RD-M750 short cage Mega 9 9spd rear mech £25 SOLD (eBay)
49. Syncros Heat Treated bar with shim, 520mm wide £30 SOLD



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