Wanted Suntour XC Pro Grease Guard (WTB) Threaded Headset 1 1/8 in Black


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Hey chaps,

First of many wanted posts for a new project...

Anyone out there have one?

Ideally in mint or great shape. Ideally not a fortune! Can arrange shipment within the US, or have it posted to a UK address if that's easier for the seller.

Looks like this:



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Yeah, I’m watching that one…

Would love to get away with spending a little less if possible tho!

I almost went for the Onza Mongo UFO he has for a much more reasonable price, before I started down the Suntour path…

That’s been there a while and had a price reduction, so I’m hoping it might be the same case with the Suntour!


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Come on.

You've got one, it's in the bottom of that box.

You don't need it.

You've barely even looked at it.

You want to sell it to me.

Type bump.


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Still looking.

Still think one of you has one...

You've just forgotten about it.

Go have a look.

I bet it's right there, second from left, in that fancy plastic container you've got all your headsets arranged in.