Sub-10kg/22lb S Works Full Sus project

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I guess this a watch-this-space kind of post for a project I'm in the middle of...

So rationalising my overall bike use over the winter period, I've decided that nowadays I tend to ride:

a) mostly on-road and in summer;
b) occasionally on-road in winter;
c) very occasionally on the turbo in the winter
d) occasionally on light paths, in summer;
e) not very much on real off-road trails anymore

And it's led me to some soul searching about what is the right number of bikes to do that set of jobs. a) has been sorted for a while (Canyon Ultimate CF SLX, here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=408685). For b) and d) I'd been using a lightweight hardtail for a few years but have been missing the drop bars and STIs, so that's gone and I've now got a Planet X gravel bike that'll do the job nicely (winter slicks for road, CX tyres for summer, here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=423762), and it will go on the turbo too so that covers c).

Which leaves e) and I haven't really figured out whether I've stopped riding off-road due to a lack of interest, lack of opportunity, lack of a suitable bike, or possibly just not recognising the kind of bikes and kit that people ride offroad on nowadays! However with the hardtail gone I have no MTB and that does seem a bit of a shame - I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to hang up my knobbly tyres just yet.

Since I've got some good parts left over from dismantling the hardtail, I've been considering building another, but it'll end up too similar either to the one I got rid of, or to the gravel bike. But I've never had a full suspension bike before, so I decided to take on a project. Knowing me, I won't ride it unless it's still light and nimble, plus I don't currently tend to drive out to somewhere specifically to ride off-road, so I'm mostly going to be riding on a mixture of road and other surfaces to get anywhere significantly off-road. So it will be in the mould of what I used to recognise and an XC race bike until all the different MTB disciplines emerged and I lost track... But whatever, I've had half an eye on dipping under 10kg/22lb for the build.

So the main ingredients have fallen into place:

A carbon S Works Stumpjumper FSR with Fox Float CTD Kashima
DT Swiss XRC100 carbon fork (or I also have a 100mm Sid XX that I could donate to it...)
26" Roval Controle SL E5 wheelset
XTR M970/98x groupset

I'm not quite finished with it yet with a few of the remaining parts to source, but I'm starting to get confident of dipping under 10kg complete (including pedals)...


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Fair point :D The photos I have of it as it was when I got hold of it weren't great so I'll do some mid-build in the next day or two!

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Re: Sub-10kg/22lb S Works Full Sus - with a photo!

Bit of a delay assembling this one, but it's near enough there now. Time for a picture!

So it's coming out pretty much bang on 10.0kg with the following spec. I do need to swap out the Kenda Klimax Lite 345g tyres for something better suited to a full sus bike but otherwise I'm pretty close to complete. I've got a Thomson Masterpiece to go on which is about 60g lighter than the one fitted though it's silver and doesn't match well!

Spec as pictured is:

Specialized S works Carbon Stumpjumper FSR 25th Anniversary LtD Ed w/ Fox Float CTD Kashima.
RockShox Sid XX with remote.
Roval Controle e5 (1412g)
Kenda Klimax Lite 345g 1.95" folding
Schwalbe SV 14 A XX-Light 1.5-2.1" Inner Tubes
Shimano XTR M960 with TA C116 outer ring. 175mm
Shimano XT MT800 Hollowtech II BB
KMC X9-SL chain
Shimano Dura Ace CS-7700 12-27
BR-M988 XTR Trail brakes
Shimano RT-86 rotors 180mm
Shimano XTR SL-M970 Shifters
Shimano XTR M952 34.9 bottom pull FD (not yet fitted)
Shimano Dura Ace RD-7900-SS RD
Thomson Elite Setback 30.9 367mm
Charge Knife Ti saddle
Syntace F109 Stem 115g
Truvativ T40 Carbon Noir bar 580mm
Ritchey Truegrips WCS (not yet fitted)
Xpedo Mag Ti M- Force 4 clipless pedals, 229g
Titanium allen skewers, 32g
GUB 550 34.9 double seatclamp

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A few not-so-great pictures up now, the bike should be properly assembled and set up soon then I'll take some with my camera and not my phone! Currently I've got a wobbly XTR brake lever which I'm not sure if I can fix, so that might slow me up...

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Argh, something else has come along that looks going to use up all the parts on this... I think there's going to be an S works frame becoming available soon!