Stolen on Wednesday night...


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My garage was broken into on Wednesday night and the scumbags cleared out all six of my bikes, including the little dude's balance bike!

I'm not hopeful they'll turn up but if I can make this as hard as possible for them to be sold on, I'll be relatively happy. If people could keep an eye out for the following its be hugely appreciated.

Stanton Ti Switchback, large, fitted with an Invisifame kit which is a mix of the kit for the steel bike ans generic sections, black Hope headset, Thomson X4 stem, Race Face SixC Carbon bars with green logos, black Easton grips, brand new white Manitou Mattoc forks (fitted but not ridden), DT Swiss Spline Two M1700 wheels, Maxxis Minion tyres (DHF and DHR II), 10 speed Saint mech and shifter, Race Face Turbine cranks, ano green Absolute Black oval ring, black Race Face Aeffect pedals, Shimano XTR brakes with 203/180mm centre lock ice tech rotors, Rock Shox Reverb post, SDG Ti fly saddle in black and a green Straitline seat clamp.

2006 Specialized Demo 8, medium, reprinted in orange with white and black decals, black Hope headset, Thonson X4 stem, white and black Answer 780 bars, orange Eadton grips, white Marzocchi 888 RC2X forks with orange decals, Zee mech and brakes, Saint shifter, 10 speed Ultegra mech, Race Face Atlas cranks, E13 SRS chain device, black Superstar pedals, white SDG I Fly saddle and black Hope seat clamp and rear QR.

2013 Specialized Allez road bike. Totally stock aside from two red Topeak bottle cages and black Shimano clipless pedals.

1999 Santa Cruz Chameleon, painted white with custom pink and black decals (custom colour and from a later bike without the chameleon), black Rock Shox Pike forks, U Turn with pink decals, black Hope headset, Race Face Diabolus stem, Race Face Turbine bars, Charge Ladge saddle with pink detail, Race Face post, silver Race Face cranks, Race Face bash ring, XT front mech, M952 XTR rear mech, 9 speed XT cassette SRAM Attack shifters, NS Bikes bulbs on Mavic EN321 rims, Conti tyres and black Azonic A frame pedals.

1993 Cannondale M800 Beast of the East, painted grey, black Race Face Deus headset, Race Face Turbine stem, purple Race Face Atlas bars, grey AC Lo Pro cranks with a silver chainring, Onza H2O pedals, M952 XTR v brakes, singlespeeded, silver Hope bulbs (old style, with five bolt spiders removed) on silver Mavic D521 rims with WTB TCS tyres. Ano purple seat clamp. Polished Z1 forks.

Isla Bikes Rothan balance bike in green. Has a black Fox sticker on it.





The only pic I have of the 'Dale and it's not complete



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Sorry to hear that.

Drop me a PM and a can give you the details of the officer who investigated my theft last year (Warwick), but suspect it's a similar group. I got one of the bikes back, but could only link the "possessor" to "Handling", and no way of proving he knew they were stolen.

If anybody knows where this pub is that people buy and sell bikes in...

JoeG":equp1ju1 said:
But WTF stealing a kid's balance bike!!! :x

They took five new/boxed inner tubes out of a drawer in my garage.