Stolen! Bristol - Cove Stiffee 69er Rocky Mountain Altitude


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Unfortunately, my friend had his garage broken into last night and the two below bikes stolen. He lives in Oldland Common, Bristol and the thieves bent the garage door out of shape (to get it over the garage door defender) and then ripped a wall anchor out of the wall (attaching the Altitude to the wall). Unlikely, but the Altitude may still have a thick armoured cable lock still attached to it's frame.

He's totally gutted, especially for the 69er as it was a very limited edition from 2003 (future retrobike?). Worringly, he lives in a dead end road and appears to have been targeted specifically for the bikes as they made a great deal of effort/noise to get in (they made no attempt to get into the house through an internal door) - he has only recently bought a roof mounted carrier and has used it 3 times in the past few weeks for Ashton Court and the Forest of Dean....

Rocky Mountain Altitude 50:
Fox 32 Float RL forks
SLX chainset
XT rear mech
SLX front mech
SLX shifters
Formula Ora K24 disc brakes
Wheeltech (front) Deore (rear) wheels
ITS tyres
RaceFace Deus seatpost
RaceFace Altas bars
RaceFace Evolve stem
SDG Bel Air titanium saddle

Limited Edition Cove Stiffee 69er:
One of only 69 made
Cove Stiffee FR frame, light blue
Fox suspension forks
RaceFace cranks
XT gears
XT wheels
SDG saddle
Raceface XY seatpost
RaceFace Deus stem
RaceFace handle bars
Hope disc brakes

If seen, please contact police asap - Staple Hill (D district) Priority Crime Team on phone number 101 (the new 0845 number)


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More bikes stolen! :x
Hope your mate gets his bikes back and they catch the low life scum that did it! :evil:


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bad news m8,I really hate seeing or hearing of nicked rides having been there myself.Chin up is all i can say :)
If everything is ok with the insurance then get a bit of paper a pen and plan its replacement :D


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Unfortunately not - he's only insured for £500 per bike :cry:

Big mistake on his part, but I think the loss of such a sentimental bike (the 69er) is much worse for him - I've never seen him on the verge of crying before

I hope the thieving scum rot in hell :evil:


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This is Gutting for Andy, I was only out with him at the weekend at AC :(

The cove is a very unique and distinctive bike with engraved rotors, not many about.

I will keep keep an eye out on gumtree , eBay & tradeit.

It would be worth putting this on Cheesey riders forum too they have some sharp eyes there !


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Re: Stolen! Bristol - Cove Stiffee 69er Rocky Mountain Altit

Thanks for the heads up.

He spoke to the seller, and it's definitely not the frame (wrong size and frame number).

It's good to know that even after all this time, there's still a small chance of people spotting it. Makes you feel warm inside......