Spring Sale (!) judy, jett springs & judy bellows


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I was rooting around in the workshop and came across a Box of Things which many people have been after and which have mythical status.
I bought them eons ago and used some in various forks. Then the box went into hibernation.
I'm not sure that I have priced these correctly, could be vastly underpriced bearing in mind that the springs are made of unobtanium. They are all NOS.

25 gbp per pack plus postage.
Random prices for the single springs.

I used a mix of springs in Judy's to get the tuning just right...and had all these left over. A full range XS to Firm means real tuning now possible for all those with dust remnants of elastomers in their Judy forks...

One NOS Judy rubber bellows - only one I am afraid. But new. 10 gbp plus p&p

'99 kit Hydracoil Medium Spring 63/75 Jett XC. 2 springs - one in original packaging.
'99 kit Hydracoil Medium Spring 80/100 Jett XC. 2 springs in pack.
Type 3 kit Judy SL XC XL X Soft Springs Silver - 4 springs in pack. Three packs available.
Type 3 kit Judy SL XC XL Soft Springs Yellow - 4 springs in pack. Two packs available.
Type 3 kit Judy SL XC XL Medium Springs Red - 4 springs in pack. 1 pack available.
Type 3 kit Judy SL XC XL Firm Springs Black - SOLD - 4 springs in pack.
Two yellow springs 2k 30lbs part number 100-004774-00 - individual springs in pack
Single judy 98 80mm silver spring 95mm long part 218011107 and 026465051421
Two judy 98 XL short springs silver soft 110-000333-00 - two springs in pack

Dibs via PM or text to 0770 250 5256


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