Spooky Metalhead Frame and Parts


Dirt Disciple
I have a Spooky Metalhead frame for sale

There is a small ding on the side of the top tube (above the gusset, just visible in photo). The argos cycles paint job has not come off here and it is hardly noticeable. This does not affect the strength of the frame at all.

The bottom bracket will need a small amount of filing to square up the sides. I bought a bb converter to run some lighter cranks and when I put the bb in, the non drive cup (new shimano plastic one) cracked. If they were square this wouldn't happen.

Sale includes bb converter and spooky disc mount, plus spooky chain tugs (not in photo).

£150 or make me an offer (if that's allowed).

I also have a Hope No. 1 caliper for Spooky and Yeti frames of old, with Hope to Hayes adapter. Caliper £20, Adapter £10. Both, £25.

And on top of that a set of On-One Reetard BMX cranks with splined axle and spacers, bolts etc but no bearings (about £15 new). £40.


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Please tell me that's a screenshot of the tv you have there and not a portrait of Alastair Darling!

Dar Kuma

Retro Guru
I'll trade you a very tidy 1998 lavadome frame and forks and some cash, also has headset and seatpost :cool:

Or I have a bandwagon frame with a brand new mango CK headset :cool: