For Sale Specialty Retro Products limited time UK direct distribution (Rockshox Judy, Fat, Yeti, Syncros)


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Hello Retrobikers,
As some of you have learned I am responsible for Specialty Retro Products. I know some of you have already purchased items from us, Thank you.

We are collaborating with Jonrock on some new items and are currently planning to send a large package to the UK the 1st week of May. If anyone from the UK only, would like to purchase anything and avoid the cost of international shipping and VAT, now is the time. Jon has graciously agreed to handle the UK shipping on his side, I will do the rest. Below is a list of what we are offering and the prices. We will update this post once we have a better idea when we know the order deadline. Please message me if you have any questions. (If anyone outside the UK needs something please message me)

All costs do not included shipping. Single items are £4 shipping. Not sure what the cost will be for multiple items. Please contact me for a price.

Mountain Steed Springs (comes in 5 different weight ranges)
1995 and 1996 RockShox Judy XC, SL, DH and Specialized FSX
1997 and 1998 RockShox Judy C, XC and SL
1995 and 1996 RockShox Quadra 21R
Manitou EFC and 3
£36 each, Please include the color with your request.

1995 & 1996 Judy 28mm Dust Wiper Kit
£14 each
£25 for 2

1995-1998 Judy damper cartridge service kit
Kit includes 11 pieces:
2 - High quality Cartridge/oil seals
6 - O-rings
1 - 15ml tube of Slickoleum grease
1 - 30ml bottle of shock specific oil (5wt or 7wt)
1 - 6 page instruction book specific to only the cartridge service.
£24 each

Titanium bolt kit for 1995 & 1996 Rock Shox Judy forks
10 pcs bolt kits:
Kits include 2 x Brake bosses, 2 arch bolts, 4 crown bolts and 2 lower leg bolts (1 hollow)
£36 each

Judy FSX Cable Hanger
£22 each

FAT CITY Cycles Stainless Steel TOOTHPIK Kit
£18 each

YETI Step Down Ferrules
10-pieces £29
2-pieces £13

Syncros Revolution replacement parts
110BCD spider £32 each
Compact spider £32 each
20 pieces Bolt kit £50 each

We will have room for 1 or 2 forks in the shipment if anyone would like us to build them a Judy. We have a few forks that are in amazing condition that are ready for a rebuild.
95/96 Judy XC in black (v and canti arch)
95/96 Judy XC in tan (v and canti arch)
95 and 96 Judy SL (canti arch)
97/98 Judy XC LT (v arch)
97/98 Judy DH (v arch)
All fork will come with new springs, wipers and damper seals. Titanium hardware can also be added. We have a few different steerer tube options. All forks will be sold with Alloy body dampers and near perfect condition stanchions. Contact us for photos and prices.

Here is an example of what we are doing for rebuilds. Don't worry, we have plenty of crowns/steerers.

We also have a few more items launching in the next week or so that we hope to add to this list.
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Here is some photos of the 97 DH. It has a serial number matching 1 1/4” steerer. We do have 1 1/8” DH steerer we could swap it with.


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Oh my I wish I'd not seen this thread lol 😆

I can't really afford them but I really would like a canti stop and a Ti bolt kit for my fsx's 😍


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I have a question about the titanium bolt kits. The 2 lower leg bolts (1 hollow)? For the Judy DH you would need 2 hollow, one for each damper adjuster? Or is there a different kit?


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I have a question about the titanium bolt kits. The 2 lower leg bolts (1 hollow)? For the Judy DH you would need 2 hollow, one for each damper adjuster? Or is there a different kit?
The 95 DH forks did not have the rebound damper so there is no problem there. Yes the 96 DH with the rebound damper could be set up with 2 hollow bolts. If that is what you need please message me and we can sort it out.


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Here is the 97 XC LT


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Hi, how much are you asking for the Judy XCs/DHs?

I'm having a terrible time finding forks I can use with my setup that still work/don't need servicing.


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I’m keen to get a few bits for my 1996 Judy XC’s can you put me down for springs (weight tbc) seals, damper rebuild kit (5wt oil)



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