Some nice 1 inch early 90s gold Judys - S O L D


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Important bit: 175mm steerer. Ahead not threaded. See other listing for one inch Dia Compe headset.

All service parts available somewhere on web, apart from foam wiper seals - but these are good in this one, I oil stanchions regularly.

No worry about elastomer rot in these. Fitted with RS springs - like Speedsprings but Rockshox aftermarket from USA - medium (yellow) in one side and soft (silver) in the other. These alone are worth 60:00gbp.

One downside: top label missing on one leg, but repro available on line. But it has the original QA sticker...

Upsides: mechanically perfect...stanchions do not have the usual wear, since I always lubed from the top regularly. No slop at all. All threads good. Patina in various places from use, but no gashes or gouges. Bit of touch up and love and they would be almost 10/10.

Oh and they have some red dust from Moab inside from early 90s (!!!!) which I could not bring myself to remove, it’s mtb gold dust....

Price? God only knows...there are none out there i can see in this condition. There’s a grotty set of 1 1/8 on eBay at the moment for 125gbp no idea if full of elastomer dust or not. They usually are. In the past year there have been some at silly prices.

That’s not 145gbp including postage?

Thanks. Dibs via Pm?


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