SOLD XT 1in Threaded Headset - zoobits threadlock


Retro Guru
Hi, I've got a 1in XT threaded headset for sale.

It's not complete, it has a Zoobits Threadlock in place of the upper lock nut, it came like this on a frame/fork I got many years ago, in the end I didn't even use it. Also I'm not sure if the race is the correct one, it's the only 1in one I have in my box of parts but it fits and looks similar on a NOS headset for sale in Italy.

Otherwise it's in quite good shape, a few marks from installation/removal. The sealed bearings feel nice and smooth. I think it might be an M740 (googling shows some on ebay) being threaded I assume it's pre 1997?

Really not sure of a price, can't find much to compare, so I'm going to say £15 posted



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