SOLD! Klein Attitude 2000 1x10 great condition


Dirt Disciple
2000 Klein attitude, beautiful bike, I have converted to 1x10. It’s a post Trek Klein, but still made in original factory in Chehalis, with gradient tubing. Best of both worlds, looks great but you can still ride it!

Size L - 19.3” bb centre to top of seat tube

Brand new components, have done literally 5miles to test... race face 34t front NW chainring, HG500 11-42 10 speed cassette, deore m6000 rear derailleur, m6000 shifter, maxxis ikon tyres.

All other components original, Bontrager Superstock wheels, Icon onyx stem, bars, cranks... blank brakes and levers, rock shox Judy fork, (have cut the ugly Judy part of the sticker sticker off to clean up the look). All in good condition. The black paint on the rims is bubbling up on the rear wheel I think from sun, stickers faded too see images.

Beautiful beautiful frame, no dents whatsoever, amazing paint job, recessed lettering, really is in great condition for its age, some little scratches here and there, by far the worst of which is by the chainring where previous owner must have dropped the chain a few times. See images.

Looking for £400 + postage from SE19 London

Would also consider selling just the frame and fork for £250 as can use the other parts for another build

Or swap for earlier fully rigid more commuter style but would have to be a gooden.

Or £250 plus parts, make offers!


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Dirt Disciple
Re: Klein Attitude 2000 1x10 great condition

Sorry, would also like to keep the Saddle! Has been slowly moulded over the past 10 years!


Dirt Disciple
Re: Klein Attitude 2000 1x10 great condition

Price drop!
£350 for full bike
£200 frame forks Stem bars