For Sale SOLD Gary Fisher Supercaliber 1998


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For sale: Gary Fisher Supercaliber size 19", pretty much stock apart from the tires and seat post. It is in decent condition, but there are some scratches here and there, I don't think the paint on these frames was meant to last. The fork holds air and it still functions as horribly as it did when it was new. It was originally sold in The Netherlands and shipped to Canada later on, hasn't seen dirt in at least a decade.

Asking price: 300 Euro. The bike is located in Calgary, Canada, and can be picked up there or shipped anywhere. Buyer pays for shipping of course. I'm open to offers.


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Sorry for the stupid question,
But what did GF consider the size 19”?
IE- Small, med, large.
Sorry for the dumb question but I had the gold and red 97’ Supercaliber model and loved it and this is about as close as I’ve found.