(sold) Doug Bradbury Manitou


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I'm helping a friend sell his original Doug Bradbury Manitou


He is looking for €4.500 (negotiable) for the complete bike.
Please get in touch if you want to make an offer.

I know myself the price is on the high-end. Please understand this is one from the ice blue batch of 30 frames that was built for the Japan market. Seems like at least 10 made it only half-way there and landed in Europe at the time. You will see from the parts list below this is not a fully time correct built.

Here is the story (not aiming to pluck on your heart strings):
My friend Greg and I know each other since 30 years - basically when he got his Manitou - as I worked at bike shops after school. We became friends and did a lot of riding together. Fast forward 30 years and I always tried to get him to restore the bike but he would just continue to use it occasionally.
For his birthday this summer, my gift was the restoration of his Manitou. As he sold it once and then bought it back, it had some hard to endure, crappy parts on it. Since my restoration was a gift (and I'm not filthy rich) I needed to stay within a certain budget. This is why I simply cleaned and left the parts on the bike that were in good shape. And I replaced only the parts that were completely unacceptable.
My goal was to make this rideable with joy again - and looking great. I used at least 3 toothbrushes in the process. He got the bike back about a month ago.

Greg is running a restaurant and hotel and this year has been not the best. He is also expecting his 4th child early next year. Here in Germany, we just extended and tighten the Covid measures. Restaurants remain closed until January. I probably don't have to go into details on what that means for him. He got in touch this weekend to tell me he needs to sell the bike.

I hope it finds a happy new owner. The bike is in Germany in the Frankfurt area. Shipping is possible.
It loved working on it this summer and have done a write up of the restoration with more pictures that you can find here: https://phils.bike/2020/12/12/doug-bradbury-manitou/ (German only I'm afraid.)

Let me know if you have questions.

Parts list
Frame: 1990 Doug Bradbury Manitou, rigid fork, ice blue - size 18.5" (BB to top of top tube 40.5cm, BB to top end of seat tube 47 cm)
Headset: Edco
Stem: Manitou custom
Handlebar: Ritchey WCS Triple Butted TR X50
Grips: Ritchey WCS Truegrip (new)
Shift/brake levers: Shimano XT ST-M900-8 Shifter-Brake Levers
Crankset: Ritchey Logic with Ritchey chainrings 46-36-26
Front derailleur: Shimano XT FD-M735
Rear derailleur: Shimano XTR short cage RD-M900
Cassette: Shimano Hyperglide 7-speed 12-28
Chain: Shimano HG
Brakes: Shimano XTR BR-M900 F/R cantilever
Seatpost: Ringlé MOBY
Seatpost skewer: Odyssey Svelte Titanium
Sattle: Selle Italia Turbo (new)
Hubs: Manitou custom hubs
Rims: Specialized XL21 26×1.50 rims
Quick releases: Ringlé
Tires: Panaracer Dart & Smoke (new)
Pedales: no name (repainted)
Bottle holder: Ringlé H2O

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Re: Doug Bradbury Manitou

One of the top 3 of all time for me. Uber cool (see? I did a bit of German there!)


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Do you know how to upset a perfectionist German vintage mountain bike collector?

Tell him his Moby seatpost head is on back to front.

Nice bike, good luck with the sale!


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Re: Doug Bradbury Manitou

DBMs, capable of traversing the most difficult of living room sofas. :D

That bike is a thing of beauty!


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Re: Doug Bradbury Manitou

Still available.
Greg reduced his price expectation to €4.500.

Now it’s time to make your Christmas wish come true - just in case your loved one has not given you a 1990 original Doug Bradbury Manitou for Christmas already.