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Selling this 90 Brave Warrior Tom Teesdale welded frame set or complete bike

I got this frame as part of a trade. Since there was a nice Tange fork with Ritchey drops, I decided to try a primarily Ritchey group with it.

This is how the set is sold now

ST: 500mm c/t
TT : 580mm c/c
Serial : 90BW081E. fork is Tange with Ritchey drops

Frame set condition
The frame has original paint. Stem looks a bit different, but fits well imho. Fork is grey black, VGC.
Overall the frame has wear, some black colour additions on scratches, but looks quite good. One thing what is to stress: there are super thin hair fine cuts/cracks in the angle of the middle rear stay and seat tube. The previous owner and me suspect these to be just superficial. (macro shots on pics). The bike was ridden since 3 years with no change of the crack as well as any sign of loose stability or weakness.

Price frame, fork, stem, headset and BB: 480€ + shipping

Details build Parts
- Cockpit: stem Brave (not sure) roller + slightly different paint job, Ritchey Logic bar and brake levers, DX thumbies, XT headset

- Drive: XT 735 FD&RD with Ritchey Logic crank (I this got once painted), CWs is a micture of Ritchey, Sugino and Shimano, XT 735 pedals, XT 732 Cantis

- Wheels: American Classic hubs on NOS Vantage Pro (newly laced ion Sapim spok) Dura Ace freewheel 13-32!, Dura Ace chain, Ritchey titan QRs, Ritchey ZMax WCS 2.35 (VGC)

- Seat: Ritchey Forged Kalloy with spacer, Ritchey perforated saddle, Ritchey Titan QR

Price build: 1200 + shipping.

Shipping is via DHL with appropriate insurance.
Payment via Paypal as gift or add fees

All pictures can be seen here in hight resolution: (goes to Google Photo album)


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Re: 90 Brave Warrior " Tom Teesdale & Tom´s parts

:cool: shame about the cracks, but still a very nice bike.


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Re: 90 Brave Warrior "TET" frameset or build with Ritchey group

Price option added for the frame, fork, stem, headset and BB: 480€ + shipping