Sold - 87 Yeti FRO #380 - Araya RM/XT730 + Tioga left


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Selling this very early YETI #380 -

It´s a FRO with round top tube with a 1" BMX steerer, Duplex drops.
Fork is an Accutrux, but no campy drops, so bit newer.
Paint: repaint by Berlin Cycle Art.
When I found this frame, I didn´t know its low serial, so I decided given its history to do a replica of Russ Worleys racer.

Here are all details of it´s journey

I recently rebuild the bike slightly to better ride it and add things I always wanted to change.
New on it: Strong Carbo post, white 86 Turbo, the black GT EPoch, the Salsa ProMoto Worley used and added the XT front hub back.

This is how she rides now

Some more details on parts
Frame: Yeti Fro 380, simplex drops, original seat post clamp, Accutrax
- Cockpit: CRB Ti Sushi (extended), Salsa ProMoto, Magura Shorty brake levers, GT Epoc black
Brakes: XT730 was NOS
- Drivetrain: XT730, CBR crank, CBR BB. Cable housing new SLR
- Wheels: Araya RM 20 / XT 730 - rims where NOS. Cassette XT730 was mint, but speed 5 is not 100% working
- Seat: Turbo 86, Strong carbon

on the why -
It was a fabulous journey with it, lots of love and passion went into it, but I´m quite sure, my focus is starting with 732.

Price: 3450€ is in Euro on my Paypal account. If you want to use comercial PP, ok, but add fees and make sure the agreed money arrives. The price It includes shipping accross EMEA with appropriate insurance. If shipping to German is required, I´ll reduce it accordingly. Bike is in Germany. International Shipping is no problem, pls ask

If someone has a nice, similar rare trade offer, something 20" ish, preferably fillet brazed with roller cams, I´m very open to trade incl compensation in both direction.


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Re: 87 Yeti FRO #380 - Russ Worley replica v2 - 19"

some more pictures


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