So who has an E-bike then ?


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I might consider one as a substitute for the automobile, or as a replacement for the internal combustion motorcycle I sold a few years ago, but not as a substitute for a bicycle. Perhaps when I'm no longer able to pedal a bike easily, my perspective will change.


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I agree with Matti Thundrrr, I have been running an ebike for some 5 years now. It is a fantastic tool, originally I used it for all the shopping, doing regular small shops. Covid put a stop to that and we now just shop once a week using the car.

I still use the ebike in preference to the car, but my Orange P7 gets used daily for almost all my journeys. In the past 2 months I haven't used the ebike, used the car once each week, my P7 is coming and going all day long!

Ebikes are fantastic tools, but not a replacement for an enthusiasts bike. I have met many people though who are "new" to cycling because of ebikes, usually early retired couples.


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mk one

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Would love to own one, prices are way too high for a half decent one for me to afford at the moment.

Love 2 wheels, regardless of what powers them :cool:


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Ok so its 'progress' and they're here to stay but that doesnt mean that we cant moan about it:

Bloody E-MTBers - bunch of entitled bullies


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Ok so its 'progress' and they're here to stay but that doesnt mean that we cant moan about it:

Bloody E-MTBers - bunch of entitled bullies
LGF, I wish you wouldn't mince words. I'm not at all clear where you stand on this... Except maybe on your pedals as an octegenarian cruises past you up 12% incline at a cadence of three rpm



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I have an emtb as one of my bikes. Its not the only thing I ride but its what I ride the most. I do my 35mile round trip commute daily on it since we moved to a town that has a decent cycle route to my workplace this year and am closing in on 7000km since I bought it 18 months ago. That's 7000km of no diesel costs and one less car on the road so I see that as a win.
It's so much of a win that I'm currently waiting on the delivery of another ebike. This time I'll be going for a fazua powered gravel bike. Much more suitable to the commute and has some decent mounting points for panniers so I don't have to wear a rucksack. The motor is also lower powered, my reasoning being that the thinner and faster rolling tyres will hopefully mean I don't need the 85nm of bosch power I currently have.
The new bike also has the bonus of being much lighter and having the option to completely remove the motor and battery and cover it with a blanking plate. It'll be a slightly heavier gravel bike but not a lot heavier.


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i just sold my Kona Remote 130, i had it about 6 months, frankly i only got it because the Rep lives locally and he said he had no E bike buddy, then he never came out for a ride!

i have to say i enjoyed riding it, my fitness is in the toilet due to lack of time on the bike because i devote so much time to the shop, as a result when i do go out it seems hard, the Ebike makes me feel like i am fit, so it's fun.

i sold it though as i didn't want to rely on it, and also because it has a 2 year warranty, nothing was wrong with it but i think if i sell it at less than one year i can still offer a warranty on it for at least a year to the customer.

i might get another Ebike, probably the Orange Charger.

here's the Remote, converted from 29er to 27plus.


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I use a bafang converted bike for my daily commute, I wouldn't do it on a non assisted bike, so it leaves the car at home. I see it as an additional form of transport, not a replacement, it's all positive.


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I have just converted a retro steel Gt so I can take my dog on walks as I have problems with my hip .I wasn't looking at anything fancy just a simple front wheel conversion kit and settled on this
Which worked out at £413 pound delivered
It was very easy to fit and has plenty of power for what I want to do with it.


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