Smelly saddle - just drill it 😷


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I don't see the problem with drilling holes in the base, Plus remove the front and rear as mentioned before, pull the leather away from the front and back then give it a really good wash, squashing the sponge and getting all the stale arse sweat out of it!
Then leave to dry fully.
That should work, shouldn't it?


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3 pages in,

There are a lot here that sniff saddles it seems.....(sorry i cant help but see the funny side of this).


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Thought I’d give you all an update before ‘love island’ starts and you all down tools…

I’ve tried all your suggestions:

1) Injecting the Vick’s was really hard work but still didn’t disguise the stink

2) the wife was not pleased when I chucked it in with her sports bra and other bits of string, apparently chrome rails don’t react well with copper underwire and lace.

3) I left it in the airing cupboard for days, but the heatings off down here in the south

4) I even tried spreading some maple syrup and perinaise in the hope it would disguise things, but alas no.

5) even the local squirrel wasn’t having any of it, even he thought it stank of old nuts that had gone off.

Alas, there is only one thing left to do, it’ll be drilled in the morning…


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If the smell is in the foam, then im not sure how drilling holes in the base is going to get rid of it :confused:

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