Slightly Obnoxious - Kirk Revolution Build *Update 14/5/22*


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So last year I won a Kirk Revolution on ebay. It was pretty cheap. It looked OK but had a number of issues. Play in every area you don't want it, crap spec everything but at least a solid frame. Came with a Turbo saddle. Sold that for half the cost of the bike. Rode it for a bit, was never happy with it.

Decided recently to strip it right down and build it up as cheaply as possible using spares I had. Gave it a good clean and polish. Removed what was left of the decals as none were in tact and looked a right mess. Such as shame you can't get replacements at present.

Currently in the process of building it back up. Hoping to be finished over the weekend. Just awaiting a few bits like cables and new grips.

I wanted to replace the wheels but couldn't find anything cheap and worthwhile. Then tonight I spotted a donor bike forsale near by dirt cheap sporting some wheels that are about as mixed in opinion as the bike itself, so I felt it had to be done. No idea what the donor frame is but it actually looks quite nice in polished alloy. To small for me though. I'll remove what I want and hopefully sell on what I don't want to recover the cost as its got new parts fitted in places.

Apologies I never took a before photo, I always forget.🤦‍♂️

Also a massive shout out to Mr Revolution himself @Retro Spud for generously helping me out with this by providing a few replacement bits off a sacrificial frame. Top man.

Here's where I'm at. And the donor bike.

More to follow in the next few days. I'm going for 1x8 as it's only for plodding around on with the kids and stuff. Don't kill me.


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Dirt Disciple
A fascinating find! This was made with a magnesium alloy if I recall correctly. It was a bit of a resemblance to the old Kestrel carbon fibre - but much more affordable. A mate of mine said it would dissolve in the rain, so I ended up getting a Lava Dome instead- talking 1990 I think., ah what do youngsters know! Good luck with the build, will be interesting see what you can do with it, Out of interest have you weighed the frame?


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The frame has always looked pretty cool - and now it looks pretty stealthy - but weighty. Not sure the wheels add to the stealth look - but looks pretty cool on them.

3M had a hand in some of the bonding - and I had a buddy who did most of the product photography for 3M - so I got to ride an early one over Bracknell Forest while he took photos of it


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I was going to build one of these up for the York rally with all the failed broken bits of the 90s..... Frame is cracked so I was going to zip tie it together, spinergy wheels, flex stem, maybe a knackered old marzocchi fork, flite transalp, maguras....

You get it yeah...


Dirt Disciple
Slight update this evening. Mostly built just need cables and a chain which are arriving tomorrow from Amazon. Decided to change the tyres to grey for maximum hate, as I had them spare and the others weren't matching which personally I can't stand. On the whole pretty pleased with it but those wheels make it feel damn heavy.


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If it were mine, apart from dissolving it in a bath of acid, I would put black tyres on yellow brakes and black and yellow brake levers and maybe a black seatpost too... But it does look unique.


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If it were mine, apart from dissolving it in a bath of acid, I would put black tyres on yellow brakes and black and yellow brake levers and maybe a black seatpost too... But it does look unique.
Yearh. The idea is not to spend alot on it tbh, most of the bits I've used are just spares. I'm not a big fan of the tyres but they're practically new and I just thought I'd use them.