Single speed wheels - 120mm rear spacing for my Humu


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I've had a chat with a couple of forum members and I was wondering if anyone else could offer some advice or ideas?

I'm looking for a par of single speed wheels to replace the Nexus 7 speed coaster braked I currently have on the rear of my Kona Humu. The rear spacing is 120mm and I don't know where to start looking for something suitable. I have tried various eBay searches but nothing seems to come up.

Is it most likely that I will need to get some built specifically for use?

Any advice or suggestions welcomed :D


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could try a modified dx bmx hub with a longer axle and spacers- these are 112mm spacing out of the box. getting quite expensive to find now though- just got some from the US via ebay and they worked out about £65 for a pair.


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Pretty much any track or BMX hub (100 and 110mm also crop up, but 120mm seems most common).

Numerous BMX brands that I can't name, then the bling options: Profile BMX, Paul's, Chris King, Phil Wood, White Industries, Campagnolo...

There are lots on Ebay UK right now, including a convertible 120/130mm Halo one for £13.

Are you selling that hubgear? ;)