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Here's my 1995 Pine Mountain restomod I mostly built last year in lockdown, but put small finishing touches to this year. Before and after pics :)

Spray.Bike DIY paint job with bronze gold / blackfriars, and a DYEDBros SpaceTrip vinyl protection wrap / DNFive '93 Marin decals
Mavic Crossmax XL ceramic wheelset 18h front, 20h rear, Conti Raceking 2.0 tyres
M739 XT - R&F derailleurs, cassette, shifters, V brakes with ceramic pads, levers, sharkfin
Original White Industries chainset and Marin Lite bars
KMC X8 full nickel plate chain, temporary Wellgo pedals while my M739 XT flats get serviced
Ritchey stem and saddle, Tioga seatpost, generic chunky grips
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Here's my mid 1990s Marin Muirwoods on skinny tyres for commuting / urban riding. It's super fast and a lot of fun to ride. (It weighs 10.4 kilos if you're interested in weights).

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I love this build, it just looks like a fun ride, and it's always nice to see these frames being given not just a new lease of life, but a new purpose, this build showcases the versatility of these rigid steel beauties. 80s/90s mtb really is Peak bike.


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Thanks Beast..yes it’s just a cheap Deckas chainring..been using it pretty hard for around 6 complaints at all.