Show me your self coloured bikes


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If you don’t mind.
I’m looking for inspiration. I have a nice Alves road bike in 531c. Let down by a paint job that probably wouldn’t have been my choice when new, and is tatty now.
Thinking about a fresh coat c/o local metal painters who have a bit of bike experience.
Would like to see what other people have done - preferably with a simple and ideally single colour scheme. Am Edinburgh based, in case you’re worried about running into someone on an awkwardly similar bike!


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853 wing-lugged blue+white Claud Butler I overhauled in understated Ral 4010 Telemagenta for those inconspicuous surprise attacks...accidents will see you coming and get out of your way, so it's the safest colour you can get if you can handle the migrainesView attachment 547980View attachment 547981
Love what you have done with this. I have the same frame and hate the blue/white fade. I would have resprayed it by now but couldn't choose a colour. I’m a bit closer to deciding now.


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They have powder coated 3 bikes for me but I have never tried their painting service. Have you asked Andy at Eastside bikes for a quote? You can see some of his work in the shop and it looks very good.