Shipping a bike from Hungary to SG


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Hey guys,

Can I check if anyone here has any experiences or knowledge on shipping bikes from Hungary to Singapore?

I've been liaising with this guy from eBay who is from Hungary and bought a Stumpjumper from him.
Initial cost for shipping was quoted to be USD$99,
which then became USD$145 after he checked on the post office website (I said okay at this point to pay an additional 50 bucks)
WHICH THEN became USD$380 when he went down physically to the post office and they told him it was an oversized parcel (>75cm) so it was to be an extra 100% on the normal shipping charges of USD$190 (Shipping is now nearly the same price as the bike :cry: )

I then liaised with him for a little while more and offered solutions like FedEx(TNT locally in Hungary) and DHL, which he did tried it with the box dimensions of:
140cm x 40cm x 80 cm and 19kg in weight
But the quoted price was in high 2k to 3k :shock: :cry:
Flying over there and back costs me a thousand bucks lesser after flights popped out from me googling shipping from Hungary to Singapore :LOL:

We have since cancelled the purchase and here I am seeking solutions from you guys
I've really set my eyes on this piece and am still trying to look for solutions before really giving it up for good

Thank you to anyone who would give me some advice!