Sorted Shimano Straight Pull 24H Freehub 11sp Disc Compatible 5x135 QR


Dirt Disciple
Hi all,

I am looking for a Shimano (I'm not looking at any other brands just yet) Straight Pull 24H Freehub 11sp disc compatible 5x135 QR, I know they exist, I have Shimano factory made wheels with one, the problem is that they don't seem to sell these retail anymore for MTB.

It's got to be in good shape, preferably black, I don't care what group set it is.

I will buy a whole factory wheel if the price is right, don't care if the rim is trashed as long as the hub is nice.

Someone must have one or have a lead on one, I have an offer of really nice wheels and I don't want to clean up the lathe and skim the rear axle and nut down and turn an insert for the skewers...

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