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I've been lining up a gravel/drop bar conversion for my old hardtail frame as a project for the autumn (viewtopic.php?f=41&t=420431). To make it worth the effort I've decided to go - almost - full modern and do hydro disc brakes, but I am a total novice with them. It was tricky to get hold of any in the first place, since I needed post mount brakes rather than flat mount, then there are hardly any used sets around, and all Shimano road disc STIs are outrageously expensive at the moment (maybe always?). So what I have is as follows - Ultegra-ish RS685 levers with RS785 calipers with a junction kit fitting, which I got new for a fraction over £200:


The J-kit hoses it came with look like they're going to be a bit too short (which was expected from the description, so fine). What I'm looking for now is the easiest way of hooking up brakes and levers with the right length hose for the kit I've got. My thinking is:

The front and rear RS785 brakes look identical so I can just use the one intended for the rear on the front and connect them as intended using the junction kit? (May need to do some hose cutting and rebleeding potentially I guess)

The rear will need a new longer hose, so buy that - I think it's this one? ... prod130937. Is it then a case of i) removing the short hose from the caliper, ii) fitting the new one in (cut to the right length), iii) connecting it into the junction kit, iv) refilling with fluid/bleeding? I'm pretty much guessing, so would love to hear any better advice!

Cheers! :cool:

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