Set of hydraulic disc brakes - SORTED

Fatal Swan

Senior Retro Guru
Just looking for a decent set of hydro disc brakes to finish off a build that's taken me far too long already. The rest of the bike is specced with XT/XTR so something of comparable quality ideally though I don't mind a cheaper set as a stop gap if it's working well.

I'm planning on using 185/160mm rotors that I already have, so something that will be compatible with that with adapters (which I guess is pretty much anything). Hose length would need to be somewhere in the region of like 80cm front and 130cm rear.

At this stage I could really do with a set in good working order that I can just fit and ride without needing to bleed/cut hoses etc, though I can live with replacing pads if necessary.

NOW SORTED (bought a new set of SLX 7100s)