Scott Vantage 2.0 95/96 - Seatpost Size?


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I own one of these, not entirely sure whether it's a Vantage 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 to be honest, although as it came with full LX i think its a 2.0.

I measured the seatpost as 30.9, but having bought a 30.9 post this seems to tight - not far off, but i would need to force it in.

I've had a look at the '95 catalogue, and it lists the seatpost as being;

Vantage 1 - PM-311 (micro adjust)
Vantage 2 - JD-430 (double adjust)
Vantage 3 - DP-300 (double adjust)

Any ideas?


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