Scabby Ritchey Ultra Dirt Drop Build


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So the Ritchey Ultra is my "unicorn" bike. This is the first mountain bike I saw that I coveted deeply when I was just getting interested in cycling as an adult. It cost about twice the price of my first mountain bike - a Rocky Mountain Fusion - and it came with the complete Shimano XT groupset - in black! This one is black, but the one I'm familiar with was a lovely pearlescent white and the black XT bits looked stunning on it.

I picked this sad looking example from a member here a few years back and have struggled with what to do with it. I built it up as a commuter / ride the dikes with the kids bike initially and have thought about selling it to thin the herd. I consider it my shits n giggles bike now and have built it up as a drop bar gravel bike with some Suntour Command shifters, nitto dirt drop stem and Soma Portola bars.

It haven't really taken it for a long ride yet - I think the shifters need to move up the bars a bit to make the ergonomics just right.


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