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So, christened this today, and did I enjoy it…… nooooooo!!

The ‘bum-up head-down’ position from my younger days just doesn’t work for me now at all, no use for my hip my neck or my wrists at age 55! 😖

It’s fast though, and would be a hoot firing down through trees on some nice, twisty singletrack as it’s agile, nimble and very responsive also. Oh yeah, and the bars are way too narrow! 😂

What did impress me was how smooth the transmission was and how good simple rim brakes are. With 12 speed XTR on the Surly it’s really not light years ahead in shifting performance…. very surprising!

It won’t be staying though, I’ll stick it in the for sale section and let someone more supple than I enjoy it…. plus it’ll be one less thing to take when we move back to the mainland next month too! 😋

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