Saracen Catalogues 1987 - 1998


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That's right, after an epic scanathon by Neilll at Saracen HQ and an (almost) all night PDF creating session by me, we can finally share the entire Saracen catalogue archive between 1987 and 1998.

Curiously there appears not to have been a 1988 catalogue and the 1991 version was an A1 size fold out poster hence the collection of jpeg files rather than a PDF.
( 1988 model range info added from MBUK advert )

- Saracen 1987 Catalogue - 347kB
- Saracen 1988 Model range - MBUK advert - 157kB
- Saracen 1989-1990 Catalogue - 1.3mB
- Saracen 1990 Catalogue - 2.7mB
- Saracen 1991 Catalogue (A1 poster) - 1.2mB
- Saracen 1991 Catalogue (Cover) - 244kB
- Saracen 1991 Catalogue (Information) - 288kB
- Saracen 1991 Catalogue (Specs) - 311kB
- Saracen 1991 Pricelist (Cover) - 138kB
- Saracen 1991 Pricelist (Specs) - 308kB
- Saracen 1992 Catalogue - 4.6mB
- Saracen 1993 Catalogue - 5.3mB
- Saracen 1994 Catalogue - 4.6mB
- Saracen 1995 Catalogue - 2.2mB
- Saracen 1996 Catalogue - 3.4mB
- Saracen 1997 Catalogue - 6.9mB
- Saracen 1997 Catalogue Limited Editions - 1.1mB
- Saracen 1998 Catalogue - 11.1mB
- Saracen 1998 Catalogue Limited Editions - 1.4mB

I also have the catalogues from 1999 - 2006 on file and may get round to sorting them out as PDF files eventually too.


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Popped them all in the Archive/Gallery. ... atalogues/

Unfortunately John is the owner of the folder* so I cannot tag and edit and move the names (groupd the 1991 together, remove the under scores and add date tags for the gallery date pickup bit and then sort them into date order)

P.S. I edited your 1998 Limited Edition link, it was pointing to the 1997 LE file :)


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Thanks guys! I still can't see my bike there though. I was reasonably sure it was a 1990. Here are the facts:

It was stickered up as a Kili Flier Comp.

I have owned it from new. I got it early in 1991 and I remember there was £50 off the original price. It would have cost £799.99 originally.

It does have the pierced top tube design.

It is a sort of British Racing Green.

It's made from Tange Prestige with Tange Big Forks fitted.

It had a full Shimano Deore XT II groupset with Wolber rims.

Did anyone else have one?


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Are you sure it isn't the one in the 1990 catalogue...?

The spec says Double Elliptical Oversize Tange Prestige tubing, Tange MTB Special Oversize Direct Drive 'Big' fork, XT groupset and Metallic British Racing Green powdercoat.

Granted the photo of the bike in the catalogue does look more black than green, but I reckon it's the one you are describing.