Santa Cruz Heckler and Crossmax wheelset


Retro Guru
Hi there. Clearing more space and freeing up some funds for something I have seen and really like on here. Open to offers on both. Please let me know if you need any detail or better photos.

First up is my 1997 Heckler frame I got from here several years ago. It's been powder coated in blue and is in good condition with the odd chip here and there. Bearings are smooth and the shock holds air nicely. BB threads are clean. I had it built up as my go-to bike for a couple of years and it was This was my first ever suspension frame and first aluminium frame too. It was a design I had liked since it was launched. I liked it a lot but it doesn't suit me really. Also impossible to get the kids on the back. I'm sure I had some photos of it built up but can't find them right now. Will post them if I find them on the computer. It fit me perfectly at 5'9" with a seat tube at 16" ctc, 18" ctt, and a 21.5" top tube.
I'm after £60 collected for the frame alone. Could post at cost. ... 3993_b.jpg ... aa5e_b.jpg ... f040_b.jpg ... 33ea_b.jpg ... d097_b.jpg ... 3436_b.jpg

Next is a wheelset I think I may have bought on here a long time ago as well. They are Mavic Crossmax Enduro 26" wheels for rim brakes. I've decided they aren't stiff enough for my bulk. Could do with a clean perhaps. Run true and bearings are smooth. Wear on the rims is minimal. One of the rim stickers on the front wheel is peeling a bit. Same for both hub stickers. Could be stuck down easily. UST compatible but I don't have the valves. Work perfectly with tubes. 20 spoke rear, 18 radial spokes front. I'm after £120 collected or could post at cost.

[url=] ... acab_b.jpg ... da2b_b.jpg ... 876f_b.jpg ... e8db_b.jpg ... e891_b.jpg ... b74c_b.jpg ... 5e77_b.jpg ... 8c28_b.jpg