Salsa a la carte Jelly Bean BIN

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Maybe because it'd be a headache of stripping, bidding and shipping!

And because it's clearly a labor of love bike, that deserves to go to a good home; someone who really wants it, and wants it as it is?

I mean, I get that it's a lot of money, and it's not for everyone, but there's no argument he clearly thought about that build really, really carefully.

The rasta Paul, Ringle and Salsa stuff all just goes so well with the jelly bean paint job. I don't love the mixed-colour thing personally, but this is maybe the best example and use of it I've ever seen.

He might just be happy-enough to keep the bike if he doesn't get the big $$$ he's asking for it?


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If I bought it I'd replace many of the coloured components, for me they turn an iconic and quirky colour scheme into a tacky meme, it's just overkill. I agree a lot of money and thought must have gone into it, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily to everyone's taste. Don't get me wrong, everything about the bike screams quality, but I think the components draw attention away from the frame and overwhelm the senses, speaking entirely from an aesthetic perspective.

I'd be going for something more understated like...salsa-a-la-carte.jpg
I believe that if this guy stripped the tinsel and replaced with some original parts he'd sell the bike much more quickly and probably make more money, he's falling into the age old trap of assuming everyone likes what he likes, but I'm sure many potential buyers are looking at this and thinking 'I don't want to pay 3.5k for something that looks like a promo piece for 'Cool Runnings'!''
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Yeah, me too!

I'd be letting the paint job do all the talking as well.

But I guess I'm just saying he didn't, and clearly had other ideas, ideas that probably took him a while to pull off (not to mention the $$$), and I can see what he was going for and think he achieved it.

Plus I would imagine after all that he just doesn't fancy splitting it up unless he has to. Not to mention dealing with a million different auctions and buyers and shipments.


And I tell you what: I like the idea of a bike that looks like a promo piece for Cool Runnings ; )

Just can't afford this one!


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^ Agree. Seller doesnt do things by halves and doesnt need the money urgently, so happily waits for the ‘right’ buyer to come along. I have a similar mindset tbh. Its a lot of time and effort putting a special build like that together.