S Works road bike - a little help?


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Hey guys, I haven’t posted on here for a while but I figured you would be the best ones to help me with this query.
My parents were moving house today and my stepdad dug out his old road bike. I asked what he planned to do with it, he want sure. I said he should consider selling it on as it’s getting on for vintage and there’s probably a market for high end old road bikes.
What do you guys think?

Here’s what I know- he bought it second hand off the owner of Cycling World in Aberdeen in about 1998. It must be a couple of years older than that. The forks may not be what was specced originally.

He hasn’t ridden it for a while, 20 years maybe, and it hasn’t been ridden much at all tbh.

Any idea on what year it is and what it might be worth?

Thanks for looking and if you’ve got any info, please let me know!


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It's a 1995. Not the original fork. Hard to price really, £500 - £600 tops?? Given the amount of nice more modern stuff out there for not too much cash this will only appeal to a die hard collector so you might strike lucky. Best way to test the market perhaps is stick it onto Ebay auction with a sensibly low starting bid and set the reserve for what you would like as a minimum (e.g. say £600), and that will tell you what the demand is.


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Ask a moderator to move this to the retro road bit of the forum, you'll likely get more replies there.
The value will be in the frame and Dura-Ace groupset.
Advice above is good, also if you're on Facebook try asking on a few groups there, theres a couple of Retro Specialized and Allez groups on there, if nothing else it'll generate some interest if you decide to put it on ebay.


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Thanks for the comment.
I was thinking it would be worth more, being an S-Works. It’s probably worth more if broken up as parts.
TBH I think my Stepdad will probably just leave it in the garage for another 20 years.
I found it in a catalogue which was interesting. You can check it out here if you’re interested- viewtopic.php?f=23&t=425204&p=3114155#p3114155


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Agree, if you clean up the groupset nicely and sell that and the frame separately you'll likely get cumulatively more and sell more easily. I noticed that you mention the suspension forks in your other thread, yes these were an option, it was called the 'Super' version. Those look like early Giant TCR forks. Cycling World used to have some nice kit but they were hell of a expensive and never offered club discount the sods!


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Take a real good look at the corrosion on the bb housing, if there is a crack in there somewhere, then you’ll certainly be selling it for parts. I had a Stumpjumper M2 of the same year, it cracked in that area.


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Thanks for the tip. I’ll take a look when I get a chance.
Hopefully it’ll be ok. It hasn’t had a hard life TBH!

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