Rough date and possible makers for pre-1970 bike?


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I've inherited a bike that was purchased 2nd hand, of unknown age, around 1970. Since then, it's been crudely repainted twice and any identifying badges, decals and serial numbers are long gone -- or at least thoroughly obscured. All components except seat, rear wheel and pedals are unchanged since 1970. It came with a fixed rear wheel. Pictures of the bike as it is now and of some of the, presumed original components are attached. The handlebar stem is stamped 'Dawes' (almost worn away), but I've been unable, despite much trying, to find any matching Dawes frames on the internet. I'm not really expecting anyone to be able identify the bike from these pictures, but any thoughts on likely dates of manufacture or clues to possible makers would be greatly appreciated. And please don't be shy of telling me it's just a piece of old junk :)

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It looks like a 50s bike. The long, flat, tapered tops to the seat stays and the fillet brazing ought to help identify the frame, as they are pretty unique. It could be earlier, as it wears slightly earlier style mudguard eyes. The bars, Dunlop rims, crankset and GB brakes could well be original to the bike, as they are all from the same era.

Have a trawl here and see if anything looks close:


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Thanks Jonny69 and torqueless for these really helpful replies. You've given me lots to work on and encouraged me that it's worth continuing the research.