For Sale Rotwild RFR CD01 Retro MTB/DH


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Rotwild RFR CD01 Retro MTB/DH Bike Rare.

Here is a great rare retro DH project for someone! you really don't see much of the retro rotwild frames anymore and this was one of their better models, solid full suspension frames made in germany.

The frame has had a repair at the rear if you see picture 8 you'll see the rear mech was snagged off by a rock but has been properly repaired as you can see and strong once again. Other than this the paintwork is in very good order for a retro DH bike.

Marzocchi bomber triple clamps (possibly 888 a bit soft probably want fresh oil/quick service)
Hope Hydraulic brakes (rear not working will want a good service)
Hussefelt bars + stem
Halo combat 24" wheelset (a bit beat up but spin true and bearings fine)
Rockshox super deluxe rear shock (in good working order and condition)
RooX DHS cranks (original and mega rare!)
RooX seat post (original)
New setlaz charger saddle

I'm including the original Roox dannys stem and original Roox bomber bars with it!

Project jobs - The hope rotors on are too big simple swap, Rear brake requires attention, Forks want bringing up the top yoke about 2.5cm, wants a new rear tyre, rear shifter putting on along with rear mech and chain and your good to go👍

Realistically it's cash on collection but if you want it posting message me first and I'd have to source a big bike box and tufnells usually charge about £75👍

This is the only rotwild on the web and has been for a long while. Any other questions just ask... Cheers.


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Shame its not the DH bike, would have been very tempting.
Aye for sure but the price wouldn't be so tempting as they go for alot more!👍it's a bargain since the cranks and seat post alone worth £175 and the rear shock atleast £85, Forks not fantastic but worth £100 so that's leaving £40 basically for the frame and rest of it. Cheers.


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Yes that's nice and should fetch a fair price but in terms of frame design they're really wasn't much difference at all and they all performed pretty well and similar. Like mk one says list it correctly and it should go👍


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Thanks, I will post it on the for sale thread, problem is I'm not sure what to ask for it. Can't find any others online.
Not much difference in frame design I agree, it's in really good condition n I'm based in the High Peak myself, New Mills.