Rocky Mountain Vertex 1996


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Thought I would share my latest purchase. Saw this on FM Marketplace by fluke, was searching the term “Rocky Mountain” to find one I was selling and noticed a non-drive side photo of this Vertex for $285 (CAD), did not know the model from this photo. Normally I’m bargain hunting for flips but on further inspection notice the Magura brakes, Syncros post and Race Face cranks, must be worth a look? First buyer was a no-show so I was invited to go check it out. After seeing the drive side I was sold, couldn’t get the seller lower than $280.

After researching the Vertex I was blown away. What a frame! (3lbs 4oz) Race Face bottom bracket, full XT, functional Judy. 15th anniversary decals. Didn’t realize these were the top end hard tails of 96’ just under the T.O. - Score!!

Too bad the threadless Syncros Cattlerhead was missing, I’m not much for 90s front suspension or gripshift so swapped to M739 triggers and Prestige Super Light rigid fork I already had on another bike, swapped the Syncors bar for a Ritchey Prolite WCS, swapped the awsome Race Face headset for a threaded Ritchey Logic, added a Syncros Cattleprod stem, Flite saddle and some of my favorite tires (Kenda Small Block Eight). The Gore Ride-on cables are still slick as butter. Now those Magura Evolution HS22s…. love em’, very heavy but who cares? They do feel better than any rim brake I have ever used. Full weight is 21.5lbs as built. All stock other than above part swaps. Took it out in amazing Vancouver warm sunny ride yesterday and was blown away. Was worried the 17.5” frame would be small (I’m 5’-7”) but fits like a glove. Not surprisingly this frame rides nicer than my 94’ Vapor (still a great frame though). Possibly the best riding vintage MTB I have ridden (neck & neck with the C’dale 93’ SM800 is just built up).

Previous owner had built it into a commuter with short stem, slick tires and lot’s of reflective tape.

As purchased:
My modifications:

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Nice tranformation, i like Judy's though it looks as good with the rigids.


Dirt Disciple
It was a concern for sure changing to a shorter axle to crown fork. The Superlite Rocky fork was my most preferred option, according to my iPhone angle meter it might have steepened the head angle one degree but not sure how accurate that is. Proof in the pudding though, the way it rides suits me 100%, one of the best handling 90s MTBs I've ridden.