Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 92(ish)


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I could not resist obtaining this from a forum member. Someone who, just as me, has a strong affection for old quality Rocky Mountain frames. And this is one for sure. Hand build fillet brazed, in my size and with the original paint and decals. These simply don't turn up very often.

It has the original roll ahead fork which I think is very cool. And the original fillet brazed stem, all with matching serial number 065. Apparently this frameset was originally sold in Germany, I suppose not many of the handmade steel frames that Rocky Mountain produced landed here in Europe.

It's going to take a while to build it up as I'm really busy with work. I could simply move the parts I have on my 1992 Altitude to this bike. That's fully equipped with XC Pro. Reason for that thinking is that I'm a bit out of space for bikes and I have a P22 Team ready to be assembled. Or I could go for an M900 XTR build. I think that should look amazing on this black frame. Anyway, enough time to consider. Will keep progress posted in this thread.



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Looking forward to seeing this progress no matter the route you decide to take.

They all sound like potential winners to me.

Let's see this stem, though!

And don't be shy on the frame detail shots either, come to think of it!


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Love the finish on the welding and the details such as the rear brake guide. Always liked Rocky Mountain but never saw them in the UK bitd as they were so expensive. But its a quality piece of kit and design.


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Signing in for updates on this one. Seen it for sale for a while


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It looks throughly amazing, and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Is the matching frame and stem stamp common on Rockies? It's a nice touch.

And that stem is... 🤯

Do you know who the missing "Hand Built By..." would have been?