rockshox judy xl damper help please!!!!


Old School Hero
hi all, looking for a bit of help. i purchased a set of rockshox judy xl forks. 98 i believe. ive stripped them down, and they seem to have the type 3 spring system in. this is the damper. ive trawled the internet and service manuals and cannot find any info on it. it doesnt look like any in the service manuals. it seems to be metal, but there are no circlips anywhere to disassemble it. there is no damping, assuming the oil has leaked out, however there was no sign of any oil inside the fork. is there any way of opening it up or is it sealed. i noticed there is a small philips screw in the top of the damper shaft. is this a refill port? it has 100mm of travel. is there any hope of saving it or is it a lost cause?