Rock shox trunnion rear shock - nos


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I bought this as a spare when I had a couple of gt lts builds. Never needed it and no longer have any sts so time to let it go.

While my intended use was on an sts, I believe it was originally for a schwinn 4 banger.

Its nos, only taken out of the packet for pics. Lower mount fixings are not sts/lts specific, but if you already have a shock, the mounts will transfer over. I might actually have a brand new sts/lts mounting kit somewhere which I can throw in for a fiver. The trunnion doesn't have the the tabs that fit inside the sts/lts travel chips but again, if you have one already it should be a straight swap.

Has rebound damping adjust.

As pictured, measured from the centre of the lower mount bolts to the centre of the trunnion, it comes in at around 125mm. There is another 100mm+ above the trunnion to increase this to 135mm+ (can measure exactly if needed).

After £75 inc uk postage (£5 tracked and signed for).

Happy to take more pics and measurements and also have a rummage for the sts mounting kit if its of interest.


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