Sold Rock shox Reba forks, world cup CSU and v lowers


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I have too many forks for intended builds, and while I don't really want to sell these, I've got nothing planned 5o hang them from and it' will be a shame for them to gather dust in the garage.

They started life as a disc only set of world cups, but I needed v lowers for my sts build at the time, I bought some very tidy donkr forks, and dwapoed the lowers over, giving the internals a full service, with fresh o-rings, fluid and lubricant, including Judy butter on the bushings, some lubrication for the moving parts and foam ring soaking. I've literally not ridden them since, so ready to roll/bounce. They hold sir fine. Wiper seals were fine so cleaned and reused

The uppers have some light marks but they don't impact the fork at all, very, very slight. The only other point to note is there is a bit of discolouration on the uppers where they wer sat against the bushings with the air out. You can't feel anything, and you can only see it in certain light/angles. Again, not anything that impacts the fork performance, just trying to be accurate with the description. I've had other rs forks do this, no idea why.

Carbon steerer is around 189mm and straight 1 1/8.

Lowers are in great condition.

Travel is set at 100mm iirc but can be dropped via spacers on the air shaft, no need to swap it out like on the soloair versions.

It has remote lock out, lever not pictured but included.

After £120 us UK post, which will probably be around £10 fully insured.


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