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Re: 1988 World Champs

rusty bodie":1u8dokrn said:
Oh! watch that elbow, watch that elbow!!

Bauer had chased like a maniac to get on to
Criquelion and Fondriest and came up to them at incredible speed
in spite of the mammoth length of this race.
Too bad he got carried away. :evil:

A terrific race. :)

Not seen the actual event before - the stuff legends are made of! I can't see that he did it deliberately, it was the DT gear levers that did it. If STI's had been around then it probably wouldn't have happened. Trouble was that it was in Belgium so the reaction was pre-determined.

rusty bodie

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lol nonsense!! think about it. bauer had chased like a maniac (you simply must see the whole race - it's spectacular!) breaking away from the chasing bunch with about 5 miles to go. he closed that gap to criq and fondriest within sight of the finish line and then they all started playing cat and mouse. bauer's legs must have been almost spent just getting on to those guys' wheels and for them to start sprinting with him hardly even having caught his breath must have been impossible to compete with.

watch closely again. you'll see bauer going for it and his legs start to mash the pedals - criq comes up the inside and bauer is looking under his right armpit and sees him coming in between him and the barriers. watch bauer as he then moves his front wheel toward the barrier as criq is clearly coming thru like a train!! he knows the belgian is going to go past him and then of course the last resort comes - the elbow! it's a shame but a desperate act from someone who's just spent almost seven hours in the saddle. i would probably have done the same - auto pilot - finish line in sight - you're not getting past me - this is my race - get back jo-jo!
brilliant! :twisted:


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Re: 1987 Kelloggs Tour of Britain - Joey McLoughlin - ANC

rusty bodie":2n9r5nxb said:
a fantastic piece of riding by the young joey mcloughlin - knee
problems? what knee problems?!
stylish at his best!
what a bike - 753 and Corsa Record.

does anyone know what joey is up to these days?
amazing to see banners held out for elliot in this then see him still at the top flight now....

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