Sorted Ringle Bits: Holey seat post collar and H20 XC Cage


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Does anyone have a reasonably priced H20 cage in either silver, or maybe gold, or maybe even black?

And, more importantly, does anyone have the Holey seat post clamp, ideally in black, but would gladly take silver too?

Any condition considered.



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Hey Mags! I was after just the collar. Rather than the skewers. Which seems quite a bit rarer, as I don’t often see them on here or eBay.

Didn’t think Sylos did those, but maybe I’m wrong? I’ll double check.

Would probably be for the next build now anyway. Kind of like the budget Frankenstein one I have on the S-Works right now!


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Hey @ronchico.

I was actually only after the collar, rather than the QR itself.


I might be tempted for another build, so...

PM incoming.